Rider: Sammy Luebke // Photo: Ming Poon     

Tesla T1 bindings slide sideways into the offset ST Touring Brackets and are locked into place with the snap ramp. No pins, no cables, no fiddle factor.

Snap to Ride

T1 bindings also slide across pucks utilizing the snap ramp to lock into place for a tight ride down.

Snap to Tour

T1 bindings slide sideways into the offset touring brackets and are locked into place with the snap ramp.

Super Light

Pillow Line ankle straps weigh in at a mere 37g for the Arc and 39g for the Surge. Toe straps barely register on the scale at 14g.


Touring is tough on straps with bindings constantly grazing past each other. These plastic straps are incredibly durable and made to withstand the abuse.


Pillow Line straps will not take on water weight in warm conditions, or freeze when temperatures drop. Snow simply doesn't stick.

Solid One-Piece

No glue, stitching, rivets, or foam to break down over time.

Our Asym Rip 'N' Flip Highbacks have an ergonomic shape and a host of splitboard-specific features.

Flip to Tour

Flippin' FLAD toggles between your forward lean angle and -13 degrees touring position for easy transitions.

Find your perfect angle

Tool free micro-adjustable from 0 to 22 degrees for complete customization of your forward lean angle.

Flip to Ride

Lock into place by pushing your highback forward and rotating the forward lean adjuster into ride mode.