Splitboarders: Spark Crew // Photo: Pierre Lucianaz  

We have enhanced several of our binding and crampon components using a manufacturing technique called overmolding. By injection molding a proprietary thermoplastic blend over and through existing aluminum or steel parts several key areas of friction and wear are eliminated.

Our custom thermoplastic blend is specific to the overmold process and includes additives to make it extremely cold tolerant, durable, and abrasion-resistant.

Less Friction = Smooth Touring (ST)

Wherever you see an ST next to a product, this signifies that part or product uses the overmold process.

The Overmold Blend:

Our team created their own custom thermoplastic blend specific to the overmold process that includes additives to make it extremely slippery, durable, abrasion-resistant.

Asym Rip ‘N’ Flip Highbacks feature all of the same great splitboard-specific features our original Rip ‘N’ Flip highbacks are known for but have been redesigned for improved ergonomics, mobility and durability.


Tool-free micro-adjustable from 0° to 22° for complete customization of your forward lean angle.

Flippin’ FLAD toggles between your forward lean angle and -13° touring position for easy transitions.

Made with proprietary custom blended materials for improved strength and durability, while minimizing weight.

Minimalist goals meet precision design, no padding is needed, shaving weight without sacrificing comfort or performance.

Stiff where you need it toe-to-heel, yet torsionally flexible for improved mobility while riding. Stiffer for the Surge ST and less stiff for the Arc ST.

Lateral slots for our BD Touring Strap for greater edge control while skinning.