Spark R&D Patent and Intellectual Property Information

Spark R&D Patent and Intellectual Property PDF Download - September 08, 2022



Splitboard Binding Models:

Ignition, Ignition II, Fuse, Blaze, Burner

US 9,022,412

US 8,226,109

US 7,823,905

Splitboard Binding Models:

Magneto, AfterBurner, Arc, Surge, Arc Pro, Surge Pro,

Arc ST, Surge ST, Surge ST Pro

US 9,126,099 

US 9,573,043

US 10,035,058

US 10,092,816

US 9,827,481

US 9,782,664

US 9,833,686 

Swiss Patent E 2 906 308

French Patent EP 2 906 308

German Patent DE 60 2013 057 478.2

Registered Community Design 002738492

Summit Skins

Tailclip Kit (2020 onward)

US 11,413,517

Spark Skins

Tailclip Kit (pre-2020)

US D700,045

Tesla Heel Locker

T1 Heel Locker

US 9,220,968

T1 Step Locker

US 10,814,210

Spark Pucks

Spark Canted Pucks

US 9,452,344 

Spark Solid Board Pucks

Spark Solid Board Canted Pucks

US 10,646,770

US 10,960,290

Spark Tip & Tail Clips

US 10,335,665

Crossbar Clips, Through-Mount

Crossbar Clips, Top-Mount

US 10,518,164

US 10,974,124

US 10,252,146

Arc Rip ‘N’ Flip Highback

Surge Rip ‘N’ Flip Highback

Arc Asym Rip ‘N’ Flip Highback

Surge Asym Rip ‘N’ Flip Highback

US 10,092,816

US 9,833,686 

Registered Community Design 002738492

Arc Pillow Line Ankle Straps

Surge Pillow Line Ankle Straps

Pillow Line Toe Straps

US 9,782,664


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